Forget Your Wallet?

Shopping on the Go

Did you know that New York & Company, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, and other big retailers have mobile apps that allows you to make your store credit card virtual? Well, guess what? It is true. First, one must have a store credit card. Then, go to the mobile web browser of the merchant and create an online account. After you create an online account, you can add the store credit card to your profile and that’s it you have a virtual credit card. Now, every merchant varies the process to debit your charge account. For example, New York & Company generates a QR Code, which links your account number to your virtual credit card and processes the payment.



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No Wallet, No Problem

All the big retail companies have opted to launch a store app to make it easier for their shoppers to purchase their goods. It has become extremely easy to shop online and on the go. The new technolosy of NFC has made it easier for consumers to add their existing credit card and bank accounts to their smartphones. Therefore, the mobility of the various retail stores pushes growth in sales. The mobile apps facilitate the overall customer experience because its fast and its easy to access with a push of a button. Now, the retail comopanies spend money and time into collecting data from their apps to tailor to each individual consumer based on their searches and purchases. The collection of data is priceless to better understand the customer and make a connection with them. If a customer is happy with both the service and product, then there is a higher percentage that they will recommend the retailer and product to a friend.

Done Shopping? Think again!

If you think your done shopping after your completed transaction, you are wrong. You see, after the purchase is completed, you immediately get an email with the confirmation of the purchase, along with a survey to complete in regards to the overall customer experience. There are always incentives in completing the survey. For example, TJ Maxx offers customers who complete a survey to enter in a raffle with a chance to win a $500 gift card to use in store. Next, they send the special offers emails. Some examples are: take 25% off entire purchase, $50 off your purchase of $200, last days of the sale, free shipping, if your purchase is higher than $100 receive a free tote, and so on. Between the mobile app, coupons on the go, and special offers campaigns the companies have more exposure and can gain more customers to increase overall sales.

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