2018 FIFA World Cup

Who’s ready? The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Russia. There will be a total of 11 cities holding the various matches. The cities are: Rostov-On-DonNizhny NovgorodEkaterininburgKazanKaliningradSamaraSaranskSochiSaint PetersburgVolgograd, and Moscow. Now, everyone knows that the FIFA World Cup is a worldwide well-known competition that engages all the various countries, cultures, and ethnicities. There will be a lot of advertising emerging as the date approaches. The different countries are preparing their times for the future matches. The FIFA World Cup is a huge stepping stone for every individual soccer player that play for passion. It is the event where different team coaches seek for the best soccer players. Do you know who are the top the soccer players of today? The #1 soccer player is Lionel Messi who plays in Barcelona and the #2 is Cristiano Ronaldo who play in Real Madrid. Companies endorse both players with their different products and services. The companies want both Messi and Ronaldo to establish a positive association with their products and services.

FIFA Goes Mobile

Source: 2018 FIFA World Cup
Source: Official FIFA App

The app will allow everyone who has either a smartphone or tablet access the games on the go. They will be able to stream the games live and not have to miss one minute of the games. FIFA introduce the app to the world to facilitate the access to watching the games. One will also be able to view the schedules of the different matches and keep track of the scores. There are also extensions to the app where one can purchase clothing and other goods that represent the different teams worldwide. In addition to the app, FIFA always selects different artist to create a World Cup song to represent the overall event. Whoever ther artist selected, will definitely see an increase in popularity because the world will create a positive connection to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Think about all the different social media interactions that will arise because of this huge event. FIFA already has the social accounts and is already proactive about what is coming in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Revenue for Russia

Do you have any idea how much revenue the 2018 FIFA World Cup will bring to Russia? The answer is plenty. Think about it, how many people will travel across the world to see the different matches? The quantity of booked hotels? The overflowing of restaurants? Tourism? Food and beverage sales at the different stadiums? Sports apparel stores? There is more to think about. This is an opportunity for Russia to show its riches in culture, history, food, attractions, and many more to the whole world. All eyes will be one Russia during the World Cup. Many different companies will want to advertise their products and services throughout the different stadiums. They will do so, either through banners or light fixtures/displays. Many commercials will be generated as well in regards to the World Cup.




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